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Keranjang belanja kosong

 What can I say bout Dodol Bu Mamas.... I think this is one of the famous dodol in Jakarta. Why I said so....this is because when I search through Google dodol bu Mamas is one of the list, and it said that bu Mamas dodol’s has been delivered until Saudi Arabia, when Indonesia worker bought and brought it until Saudi. When I come there to get the sample of Dodol, her Daugher (if I am not mistaken) said that, many TV station has come to her place to filming about the making of dodol especially during Ramadhan.

Back in year 1990, Bu Mamas started to make dodol when she helps her parents in law in making dodol betawi in Pasar Minggu. Because of she felt tired  had to back and forth between Pasar Minggu and Condet then she asked an capital to make her as dodol maker.Her dodol started to famous, especially during Ramadhan, she received 500 pesanan dodol 

To make dodol, bu Mamas mixed 10 liter of beras ketan, 30-35 coconut and 1.5-2 kg of brown sugar, then it mixed with durian (for durian dodol). To make it delicious, bu Mamas need to cook to for 7 hours by using fire woods.

So how about the dodol, bu Mamas’s dodol is bigger and more expensive than the previous dodol I bought in Stekpi. There is three kind of flavour: original, ketan hitam and durian. I bought durian and its taste good..

And now you could taste dodol bu Mamas in our store @KhasJakarta through by email or come directly to Thamrin City lt. 1 blok H5 no. 6

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