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Keranjang belanja kosong

I lived near Kalibata, My apartment is in Kalibata and but until yesterday I havent know there is kampung Dodol in Kalibata, I mean I know there is kampung dodol in Kalibata but I havent got yesterday I just knew the location.

As the information from blog and Jalansutra mailing list, that say the location of Kampung Dodol is next to BIN complex, therefore I went there by walking....I thought the place is near Kalibata, I just walking since there is no angkot around there. After I feel tired, then I take ojek....hmmm the place is quite far, since it is near Pasar Minggu rather than Kalibata Mall (next time I go there, I should take kopaja 68 until Indomobil, then walking from there)     

As I went there,  the place is a small road and like any other kampung. The different there are two/ three stores selling dodol, and in the field near it there is big bowl and fire wood. Because I came there not in the weekend I am not found any activity of making dodol.

So If you want to visit kampung dodol....all you have to do is find Kalibata Mall and go straight from there to Jalan Rawajati and find BIN complex and kampung dodol is next to it.

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